Legend racing - The Pocket Rockets


Are you a fan of motor sport?  Are you fed up with Ferrarri wiping the board and winning everything in sight?  Your not alone!

The truth of the matter is:  Ferrarri have the best driver, the best team, the best car and the best overall package.  Hardly surprising then that they win everything in sight.

However this does not bear well for Formula 1, nor for racing fans.

OK ...F1 have tried to make life more interesting for the spectators, single lap qualifying. qualifying fuel loads etc.  But even these changes cannot breathe the life back into the jewel of motor sport.

Truth be known,  F1 is suffering because of the financial costs of developing their cars and running their teams.  Racing drivers should be aggressive competitors, willing to take risks and have an overwhelming desire to win.  While most driver are indeed like this, The team bosses are not.  A multi Million car smashed into the tyre wall is not the sight they want to see.  Therefore teams would rather try to hang onto a single championship point, rather than risk a competitive overtaking manoeuvre that may damage their precious car.

However all is not lost for the motor racing fan.  A new form of racing is gently sweeping the country, and becoming ever more popular.  Perhaps Formula 1 bosses should look to the example of the Legend racing  (The Pocket rockets)  for an example of how to provide entertainment to the supporters.

Legend Racing - the Pocket Rockets


LEGENDS CARS.  The American-born motorsport craze which serves up bite-sized cars with a large helping of action.

What is a Legends Car?

It's a 5/8 scale replica of a 1930's Ford or Chevrolet sedan or coupe.   They were created in 1992 by 600 Racing Inc. of North Carolina to address the spiralling cost of motorsport.

These "wee beasties" boast a gutsy 125bhp Yamaha motorcycle engine and are capable of speeds well in excess of 100mph.   The Legends Car is a real race car, consisting of a tubular frame and roll cage, a locked differential and tight, responsive steering.  It was originally designed for oval track racing but the car is equally comfortable on a conventional circuit when properly prepared.

Strict rules limit modifications, keep the costs down and reveal the talents of the drivers.  Equal performance and reversed grids guarantee fast, exciting and dramatic racing.

Legends are rear wheel drive and use hard compound BF Goodrich tyres.  They use a rolling start and have two 6 lap heats and an 8 lap final,  scoring points in every race.

Race one grid formation is drawn out of a hat,  in race two it is reversed,  and race three the lower points scorers are at the front of the grid.  This means that the faster drivers may be drawn mid grid and in all races have to work their way past slower cars, thus adding to the overall race excitement.

Race points system:

200-185-170-160-150-140-130-120 down to 20 points for 18th place.

All other finishers receive 10 points and all starters who fail to finish get 5 points.

This means that a driver who may suffer a collision and damage his legend, will often continue, even although he is far behind the main group, as a finish is worth double the points as a non finish.

Currently there is around 50+ Legend racing cars in the UK.  Scottish legend Racing is Based at the fife Circuit at Knockhill.

The following Photo's were taken at knockhill Circuit 18th July 2004


Legend racing also takes place at various English based tracks.

Oulton park
Mallory Park
Anglesey racing Circuit
Brands hatch
Croft Circuit

If you like motor racing but have never experienced the actual racing circuits, then you are missing out on a wonderful days entertainment.

A walk around the paddock seeing the driver lovingly polishing their vehicles, the smell of fuel and rubber is something that really has to be tried to be appreciated.

A full race card at my local Knockhill circuit  (Sunday 9-17.00hrs)  Costs around 10 ...often with a two for one offer.

A full days entertainment for 2 people at only 10 is something not to be missed.

Go see for yourself,  Check out the  "Pocket Rocket"  experience ...Go Legend racing ..Fun for all the Family.

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