By Baz & Liz.

Here it is at last - Crypt 39 - the one that nearly didn't happen! Our good friend Ferret found himself in a position where he could no longer find the time to be Editor to The Crypt!
Was issue 38 going to be the last? It certainly looked like it!

Ferret is by nature cunning, however. After a perusal of the alternative On-line mags., we had decided that hanging up the keyboards was not an option, nor was joining another mag. After a few hectic mails between he and us, it transpired that WE were his choice! YE GODS! Don't worry though; according to off-licences in the area, sales haven't dropped, so he's still about!

After all was said and done, we would need to produce The Crypt on P.C.'s - not our machine of choice, and both far more comfortable with Amigas. But here we are, at what Zola calls "The sharp end", and we've managed to put together a mag. for you all. We hope we've done you all proud!

So, what's in the mag? The Alamo, our theme for issue 39, is a story with the romancing removed and facts replaced about what really happened during the Mexican / American war of Texas. All brought to you by The Crypt's very own "supermum", Liz.
Ferret brings you a tale of the "Brahan Seer" from the North, and Chris Skellhorn enlightens us to his TopTen Cars.
Ian Urie provides an insight to the latest reviews for the P.C., and Baz brings his quota of bits and bobs, plus Steam Corner.
Finally, Essbee makes her first appearance in Crypt Cuisine, starring in Cooking with Essbee. Please make her feel welcome!

The theme for issue 40 will be Our Ever-changing World.

We're also trying a slightly new look to the mag. which should make selecting articles a lot easier. Many thanks to Zola for that - we look forward to hearing your views!

Baz & Liz,

RIYAN Productions