Flash Animation Games

Submitted by Liz Green

Something for the girls, this one, as most are quite cute, although as we haven't totally explored the whole selection, others may appeal to all. Some are amusing - Bungie Bear and Milk the Cows for example, while others are downright hard - try Penquin Panic!

Although they are standard flash animations, they are a little different due to the colours used. Everything is in gentle pastel shades and easy on the eye. Top scores are difficult to get, so if that's your goal, you won't be bored.

My particular favourite is High Delivery - definitely one for the ladies. The tune is very soothing and addictive, and the animation cute. The idea is to collect all the flowers in the bottle, controlling it's direction with your fan using the mouse. A tip for maximum collection is to keep in the middle of the screen and to swing the bottle which will attract the flowers. If you get a high score, you have the chance to enter your name in the top scores board - that's not happened here though.


One for the boys would be Silent Water. Try to depth charge enemy submarines whilst dodging their missles. I did NOT find this an easy task.

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