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By Baz & Liz.

Welcome again to the Crypt, Issue 40. We're getting into this role now, and with improved equipment hope to make the Crypt a better magazine to boot!

We get a look at what could be descibed as "The World's Biggest Roller Coaster"; enough to get anyone a tad concerned! The usual plethora of jokes and Pets' Corner provides us with some whacky humour, and a national computer scam gets exposed in Crypt Articles. For the followers of Steam Corner, Ferret does some delving into railway history, and examines the Tay Bridge disaster - was the investigation brought to a satisfactory conclusion, or did they find a convenient scapegoat?

This, and much more, can only be found in the virtual world of...........

The Crypt

Does "Living in the City" cause any change in the phsyche, and have we become rats in a wheel? In Crypt 41, we will try and look into the effects of performance expectations and consumerism on man in his day to day living!

Baz & Liz.

RIYAN Productions