Bunree Part Two

Submitted by Mel Evans

40 ugly Edinburgh folk and one Weedgie on a coach tour of the Highlands. The coach crashes and everyone is deid! Aaaaaw!

Naturally enough, the 40 Edinbuggers get in line first and stand at the Pearly Gates, leaving the Weedgie at the back, as is his place.

St Peter comes out and says, "You all get one wish as you come in, but we're pushed for time and there's 40 of you so we'll take you ten at a time if you don't mind".

jesus in clouds.gif

First ten have a confab, and a spokesman says "We'd all like to be handsome or beautiful". "Done" says St Peter, and ushers them inside. The Weedgie smiles at the back.

Next ten agree, and ask for the same. The Weedgie sniggers.

Next ten are jumping at the chance and the Weedgie starts giggling.

Last ten can hardly wait, by this time the Weedgie is rolling on the floor laughing!

St Peter ushers in the last ten Edinbuggers and says to the Weedgie, "Whit aboot you, my man?" In between bursts of hysterical laughter, the Weedgie manages to mumble :-

"Could ye make all they Edinbuggers ugly again!"


RIYAN Productions