Universal Hands Free Kit


'Keep your mind on your driving, keep your hands on the wheel', as they used to say in the song.

"Or the wallet in your pocket's what we're gonna feel", as they say at the local nick!

At this price, you'd be mad not to - so it's cheap! That means it's of a simple construction; no expensive hi-tec equipment within. The unit plugs directly into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle, and the microphone/speaker unit sticks to wherever suits you best (normally the sun visor or the "A" pillar. Being compatible with 12 and 24 volt systems, this bargain device can be used even in a truck! LEGALLY!

Here's what had to say about them!

No problem with this Universal Hands Free Kit, which allows you to use your mobile in your car hands-free.

Working via the car's cigarette lighter, the Hands Free clips easily to your mobile, fits all models and has an adjustable holder to suit your phone's size - ideal if you've still got an 80's Dom Jolystyle brick.

Comes with a toggle switch for speaker or earphone output and an extension bar with two cigarette lighter sockets.


Not suitable for flip-up mobile phones.



Q. Can you make calls without using an earpiece?
A. Yes you can as there's a bit that sticks onto the window that acts like a microphone.

Q. How do you fit the hands free phone holder to your car dashboard?
A. The speaker has a sticky foam backing pad and the main body sits in a cradle which is plugged into the cigarette lighter.

Customer feedback reports

"The only one I've ever seen that doesn't cost nearly as much as the car!"
Moddo, London Village

"I'm amazed you can buy a handsfree this cheap. I'm getting myself and the missus one each."
Dick Warren, Telford

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