Liven up that Roast

Submitted by Baz.

You'll all be aware of the maladay of "It's nice, but can we have something different?" when it comes to the kitchen, won't you, ladies? Well here are a couple of ways to "spice up" the traditional roasts without breaking the bank, and leave them guessing!

Chicken - One of my favourite foods to experiment with! Due to it's delicate flavour and ability to absorb others, this is an easy meal to lend some zip to. Prior to roasting the bird, rubbing the skin with English mustard and cracked black pepper doesn't seem to be a great deal. Just wait until you try it!

Again, a small ball of bread soaked in garlic butter will do real magic placed inside the breast cavity of the bird before cooking.

But not when you've invited friends around later....... Tabasco sauce etc. all work well using this method (but don't fill the cavity completely - it will prevent the chicken cooking properly).

butcher chopping chicken.gif

Beef has a strong flavour, so presents an interesting challenge. Stews can be pepped up with the addition of a quantity of brown sauce, tabasco, etc. at the early stages of cooking. Don't be afraid to experiment - some of the world's best chefs have created genius through pure accident! Mr. Spice rack IS OUR FRIEND!

While I'm here, let's not forget vegetables. For a close to freshly picked flavour to garden peas, bring the pan to the boil, then add the peas, and cook for just three mins. Wonderfull !


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