Manual Dexterity

Liz Green

I discovered this video from a link on one of the forums I frequent, and was immediately impressed.

This is a 9.63Mb .wmv file entitled "pencombovideo.wmv"
Left mouse click to open the file, Right mouse click to save it to a directory. Be warned that this file is large, and suitable for broadband users only!

For those on dial-up, this is a 392kb .avi file entitled "Charge double.avi"

For those equally impressed and who wish to learn the technique, try visiting this website for tips.


Be warned though, it takes a great deal of practise to get as good as those in the video, but much hilarity ensued here as we all had a feeble attempt at some of the easier tricks.

The Crypt Mag cannot be held responsible for breakage of pens, fingers, wrists, arms and nearby furniture whilst attempting to perform these tricks. Practise at your own risk, I'm afraid.

Good luck.

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