Power Down!

By B.L.Cann

It's not always an easy task trying to put a magazine together-as Liz and I have found out. Our first time out as Co-Editors produced more than it's fair share of problems, but this was a corker! It transpires that underground mains cables have an optimum life expectancy too, as during a session of running three computers for optimum work capacity, we lost our mains electricity supply.

techie sobbing at desk.gif

Not good!

Mains came back on, lights flickered, power went off again! Three days later, power was eventually restored after many holes being dug, and new cabling being fitted to rectify the four line faults. Thus was I inspired to produce this poem! Hope you all like it!

At home all was bright, and two of us about,
With computers all over, quite busy, no doubt!
Sorting out the problems of mis-matched software,
When off went the power, now it's time to swear!

No warning or reason was given for loss,
The cat from two doors away can't give a toss,
The power was off, and no-one could do more,
As we scrabbled for torches, all over the floor.


The EMEB boys then were summoned in haste,
They came from literally all o'er the place,
With Transits and excavators they did arrive,
The first time that the area has been "alive."

Great holes are appearing all over the place,
Temporary reconnection is a saving grace,
Now our next door neighbour has a hole in her lawn,
From her residence, all kinds of curses are borne!

Remarks about moles aren't too popular here,
That hole in the lawn isn't popular, that's clear,
But that's where it has to be, that is the rule,
'Tis the wrong time of year for a paddling pool!

guy buzz.gif

Their work's not yet over, they'll spend one more day,
Tracing out the faulty line on overtime pay,
We wait for completion of their mammoth task,
Prior notice of disconnection is all that we ask!

RIYAN Productions