The Great Computer Rip-Off!

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Some time ago, my better half brought home literature concerning home computer purchasing through her company, under the banner of a Government initiative (H.C.I.). How this read was, in effect, an "easy-purchase" scheme to enable the general populace to own a computer with internet capability. At first sight, the deal looked to be quite a good one, and as such I was shown the same.

We are a family of Geeks! We use computers, and so do our off-spring, including the eldest lad. Now this fellow is as keen as mustard on prices/value for money, and I naturally suspect anything that's "a bit too good", or sounds it! So we show him the pamphlets - and wait! The un-believing sneer says it all - they want over 700-00 for this machine, complete with speakers, TFT monitor, and various software. With a "final payment", which we discover to be the interest on the loan, which brings the total bill to just over a thousand pounds!.

The purchase is off before it started; but it beggars the question "Who gets the benefit of this arrangement?" Certainly not the proud owner, who has been fleeced all the way! Some while later, I decided to upgrade my system, and purchased the SAME computer for less than half that amount. Albeit without a TFT (150) or speakers (20), but they weren't needed!

The ultimate point here is this - don't be scammed into a purchase that is not what it seems! Even if the scheme has official backing, shop around! If it means that some one has to forgo their new BMW this year, tough!

The best way to purchase a computer is to build it from scratch - this will teach you more about the machine than you could give credit for, and you have a free reign over the whole of your P.C.'s performance and expandability! Do not worry - there are plenty of suppliers out there who will advise you of the best way to go! Try a smaller supplier; they will probably upgrade and repair computers on-site, and hence be fairly well "up on the latest technology. This may well save you a small fortune!

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