The Party Playbus - Outstanding Customer Service!

Submitted by Ryan Productions

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It's not often that a service / company provide a level of human caring that sets all others aside and shines like a beacon in these modern profit - related days, but one such company is the above. The story that I'll relate now is true - this did indeed happen - to us! Our grandson Theo has recently celebrated his fourth birthday, for which our daughter had "surfed the web" for a birthday party with a difference, and found two "playbus" operators. One just couldn't answer the 'phone, so the other was tried - success!

Invites for 15 children were arranged, the cake had been ordered - nothing could go wrong! Or could it? The little lad has had a history of chest / breathing problems since he was very young, but nothing that was thought too serious until about an hour before his birthday party! Sheer blind panic ensued, as Theo was taken to hospital with an acute asthmatic attack! Rallying round, we all had a part to play - there were mums and their offspring with invites who had to be alerted, the cake couldn't be collected, and this double decker bus in bright yellow on it's way! So we 'phoned - nothing! We E-mailed; again nothing! All of this at school-leaving time, too!

There was only one thing for it; wait for the bus to appear, and cancel then. The normal thing is that a charge is made in most cases, but here we received a pleasant suprise! Not only were the staff of the bus understanding, but they allowed us to re-hire for a week later at no extra cost, despite having to eat all the pre-made party food themselves for tea! To our minds, this goes well beyond the expected boundaries of customer care, and should be held as an example to others. We would heartily reccomend that if you have young children in your family, and they live in the midlands; for that little extra something special for their birthday, with these people you just cannot go wrong! Theo and his friends thoroughly enjoyed the re-arranged party the following week, and we could extend our thanks for their understanding. Surprisingly, Mandy, the organiser, explained that it is not unusual for arrangements to alter, and it's not always the children who are ill. Theo's mum, of course, extended her thanks in a much better way than us - a gift wrapped bottle of wine and chocolates - who could resist?

The Party Playbus can be contacted on 02476 503509, website or by E-mail to Outside a thirty mile radius of Coventry, an extra mileage charge will be made, but we have no doubt that it will still be value for money. No clearing up, either! If the staff of The Party Playbus are reading this - thank you again, and carry on the good work!

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