Guiness Book of Records

Submitted by - Dennis Robb


A Leprechaun, Snow White and Quasimodo were sitting in the pub one day when the Leprechaun said,  "I bet I am the smallest person in the world".

Snow White then said  "I think I am the most beautiful girl in the world"

and Quasimodo said,  "I must surely be the ugliest person in the world".

After further discussion they all agreed that they should contact the Guinness book of records and have their claims confirmed.

They subsequently made an appointment and on the due day they all trooped off to the Guinness BOR office.


The Leprechaun was the first to go in and approximately five minutes later came out all smiles and  "Yes it's official,  I am the smallest person in the world ".


Snow White was next and it was only a couple of minutes before she came out and announced that she was now officially the most beautiful girl in the world.


Quasimodo was the last to go in and seemed to be in there for ages.  After about 30 minutes Quasimodo emerged all down in the dumps,  looked at the Leprechaun and Snow White and said  "Who's this Camilla Parker Bowles?"

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