Free Games

By Liz Green

We all like something for nothing, and the following are no exception. If Santa didn't quite fill your stocking with games you wanted, and you need to have something to keep you occupied during the cold, dark Winter months, try these addictive games, free online. If you want to play off-line, unfortunately they cost in American dollars. All freely downloadable; even if you play online, you will have to download the PopCap interface first.



Bejewelled 2

Basically this is a "3-in-a-line" type of game where you have to move jewels to make a line of 3 or more. The screen is always full of jewels and if you get stuck, it will give you a helpful hint. You can also click on the Hint button, but that can cost you in points.

There are three types of game in this one. A classic mode where you play until there are no more moves left, an arcade mode, where you play against the clock, and a puzzle mode where the aim is to remove all jewels on the screen. If you go wrong in the latter, there is a button where you can undo until the last solvable stage. Very addictive, I played it for hours while researching these games (well, that's my excuse anyway!). Level Eleven has been my maximum to date.




Guaranteed to drive anyone listening mad. Again, a "3-in-a-line" jewels type of game, but in a ring. Prevent them from reaching the golden skull by shooting a similar coloured jewel into the ring to make others disappear. Score sufficient points to get your first "Zuma", then clear the screen to get to the next level. I played this at a LAN party, to amuse myself when defeated from the main game, and had to turn the speakers off, as the "Zuma" became a distraction to others. (Sorry, guys.) The fourth challenge of each level is the hardest, as you have two strings to worry about.

Level 3.2 is my best to date, but I'm still working on it.




Move the little fur balls up and down to line up the colours in this little addictive game. This is my third choice in their offerings, as it's amusing and challenging in turn. It's very noisy, but will keep all ages entertained for a while.

All these games play well in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and require no Java. Other games on this site require Javascript to be active, and as I have it turned off in Firefox, I have not played them. Amongst them, regardless of your taste, I'm sure you will find something to amuse.

Happy playing.

RIYAN Productions