Days Out - Alton Towers.

By Baz

For quite a while now, we've been searching for a venue that wouldn't bore the life out of David, our youngest. This is a lad who requires major prompting to try anything new, and proves to be a headache and a half when we try. Liz attended a conference concerning her work at Alton Towers recently, and returned with the wish to re-visit "Splash Landings" again.

As the name implies, this feature involves swimming pools and getting wet - what is to all extents a water fun park. The latest addition to Alton Towers range of features, the average depth of water is around 1.6 metres, making it comparatively safe even for non-swimmers to have a dip. Life guards are sprinkled liberally about the pool areas, which are mostly indoors and feature various sprays, etc. within a semi tropical / carribean setting, with various flumes for those who yearn a little more excitement.

With the addition of two heated outdoor pools, even the less adventurous among us have a chance to relax and take time out. We spent a good four hours here, and time just evaporated. David had the time of his life, despite being a non-swimmer, and now wants to learn how, which can't be a bad thing!

Food and drink are expensive, so we advise taking your own pack-up, or utilising one of the local pubs outside the grounds for sustainance. For those that like a more exhillerating time, the theme park itself comes a bit expensive, and you're advised to choose a weekday (when the kids are at school) if you desperately want to try the rides out for yourselves.

Finally, there are the gardens themselves for the more leisurely amongst us, covering several acres of ground, and all with their own themes. Two hotels can be found within the grounds for those who wish to extend their stay, or some of the local pubs may well invite guests; albeit at more modest charges.

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