One way ticket to Hell.....and back,

the much anticipated new CD from The Darkness.


By Ian Urie

The album sounds as if they've started believing their own hype. What was
fresh has become as stale as last weeks bread. The album starts off with a
totally naff intro and blasts into One Way ticket after some sound effects of
them doing a line of coke. One way ticket starts promisingly and has a nice
hook, but no real surprises.

Knockers as the next track reprises old AC/DC fretting at the start.
The album has lots of background piano and Hawkins
screaming as if he actually thinks its good. Next track, Is it just me. I'm
afraid it is as far as I'm concerned, another forgettable toon. Dinner lady
arms, a look at the more melodic arrangements. The songs so far are melodic,
have catchy hooks but don't really grab you by the balls, which I would have
thought should be a prime requisite for a supposed hard rock album.
Seemed like a good idea, I'm certain they thought so, but it sounds like a
Little Angels song, only sung a lot worse. Hazel eyes, an oriental influence
in the guitar sound and Queen influences, rescued only by the reference to Scotland.

Bald, the seventh track actually has guts and shows what the album could have
been. Nice intro followed by some excellent power riffin'. Now this is what
the Darkness were all about............

Girlfriend starts with some basic rock 'n' roll, but ends up as a 70's pop
song. English country garden, again something Queen could have done years
ago, but a helluva lot better.

Blind man finishes the album and is dire and tedious.
Following Permission to land was always going to be a mammoth task, and this
just doesn't cut it. I'd recommend they ditch the ex Queen producer and
forget the pretentious twaddle they've filled this album with and go back to

Apart from Bald, there really isn't a worthwhile track on this.
Yeah, its listenable, yup, definitely some catchy stuff in there, but its been
buried under the dross. If you enjoyed the first album, don't bother with this.

RIYAN Productions