By Baz & Liz.

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Well here we are after our first year in our editorial positions; we hope you've all enjoyed issue 41, and will continue to enjoy The Crypt's offerings in the coming year. Many thanks to you all for putting up with us during our trial period, and we're hoping to improve your favourite magazine further yet. In the usual tradition of past years, the theme for this issue is Cryptmas, and we host a great deal of whacky, crazy, and just plain stupid articles for you to have a good laugh about when the in-laws have finished with the computer!

In the mag, you'll find quite a few reasons to have a Happy Christmas, and we hope you all have a safe, prosperous, and memorable holiday. No doubt you'll have also noticed that we have some new sponsors for the Crypt; we would like to say welcome to Stak Trading, but it's hard to html sign language! Sorry boys (private joke)!

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Baz & Liz,

RIYAN Productions