Do Parents Have The Right?

By Baz.

On my outing to pay bills, etc. in town, I have been recently accosted by a B.B.C. researcher asking if parents should have the right to know if their adolescent daughters are pregnant or not. This country's peoples are astounding in their stupidity! People who ought to know better are compounding the problems of this hotly debated issue, which can only serve to make a bad situation worse. Where are these folk coming from?

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Point one. Teenagers of fifteen have prescious little knowledge of the world and it's ways, never mind bringing up a child.
Point two. The state is usually who carries the cost of these "intrusions" into family life. That is to say, the tax-payers!
Point three. Unless the Law books have been re-written, it is still illegal for under sixteens to have sex. Or has the law in this country been changed to "you can do whatever you like?"
Point Four. The subject of this question is mostly under age, and under their parents' roof. So little additions to the family will make a great deal of difference to the family unit.

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Yet the argument continues. All I can say is this - get a grip, for the sake of the economy, our childrens' welfare, and our sanity! Bleeding hearts and artistes do not cut the mustard, and far wiser heads than those available ascribed the laws that govern us many years ago.

Is there any small wonder that the country is going to the dogs?

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