By Ian Urie

I refer, of course, to the new epic by that lord of the rings director Peter
Jackson. The remake adds to the original with additional monsters (I
definitely don't remember Jurassic Park being in the original), as well as a
look at the depression/prohibition era in America.
The backgrounds are stunning and the film angles exquisite as you'd expect,
but the CGI steals the show. Kong is the overall star although close run by
Watts and Black as the actress and director respectively.
I can't stress enough how magnificent Kong appears and action sequences
abound. The expressive nature of his face and his actions are truly
wonderful, with the cinema audience being the quietest I have ever known with
children present. This film is breath-taking in the ferocity of the fighting
and could easily have turned into a higher certificated film. At over three
hours long, it never truly drags and it would take a heart of stone not to
feel sorry for Kong at the end. If you only see one film in the next twelve
months...............make it this one. It should only be seen on very large
screens, with sound systems capable of doing it justice.

RIYAN Productions