Plane Silly

By Chris Skelhorn

Apparently, the following was was a true story, and appeared in TWA's staff magazine, 'Skyliner'.

The pilot of a private aircraft called the control tower at Kansas City's municipal airport, and said, "You might inform the TWA plane which is about to take off from the north end, that the object near my position that looks like a rock is really a turtle on the runway."

Boeing 707 captain to Control Tower: "Tower, we heard that transmission. Understand. One turtle crossing runway."

Control Tower: "Based on available pilot's report, turtle's course is oriented South-East, heading for Gate 5."

707 Captain: "Kansas City tower, can you give us info on turtle's speed and estimated time of runway clearance?"

Control Tower: "Computer calculation indicates turtle's speed at around 200 feet per hour - maybe less in this quartering headwind. If threatened course and speed are maintained, runway should be clear in 8 minutes."

707 Captain: "Unable to wait due to fuel depletion. Will employ evasive action on take-off roll."

Control Tower: "Roger, TWA. Cleared for take-off. Be on alert for wake turbulence behind departing turtle."

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