The Worlds' Smallest Digi-Cam

By Baz.

The range of items stocked by the larger superstores can be amazingly diverse; to the point of obscurity, in fact. This is no less true than when we directed our attention to the local Tesco's for our weekly shopping trip recently. Amongst the rows of vegetables, joints and edible delights, we came across an unusual package - the Praktica Micro-Pix! Looking far more like a key-ring than anything, it required further attention! This is no toy; though the overall size is no greater than a box of matches, it is an operational digital camera! Though the quality of image is sadly lacking, the Micro-Pix can not only produce stills, it can also create short films and be employed as a web-cam!

All for less than 15-00. Okay; so it's a novelty item - but costing the same as two magazines, it was worth the money! The Micro-Pix comes complete with battery, USB lead, instructions, and installation software C.D., and is compatible with Windows '98 SE, ME, 2000, and XP. Image colours are a bit off, and pixelated if you enlarge the images with a grainy look to them as standard, and there is no flash (obviously), so good light is a must for good images. The best thing about this little camera is - it's ideal for thumb-nail images, or you can keep your keys on it!

RIYAN Productions