Product Alert

By J.R.H.

To any of you that have Continental EcoSportContact tyres fitted onto your cars......

Get em checked!!

I've had a bit of wheel wobble and noise coming from the front of my car for a while now, and as all 4 were looking a little on the low side, I procured 4 from the local breaker for a tenner each (not bad for 16"!!), and went to my local branch of Central Tyre, armed with £20 for the tea kitty, to get em swapped over.......

Both of the fronts (had GoodYear on the back), had serious splits on the inner side of the vehicle, where the tread joins onto the sidewall, with the steel beginning to poke through.

According to the fitters there, they were both potential deathtraps (and they werent trying to sell me new ones, as I had my own!), and this isnt the first time they have come across this phenomenon with this particular manufacturer.

Both were "well used" but had 3mm or so of tread left, so were far from being illegal.

If you have em, and they are looking low, then I'd suggest getting em looked at, just in case!


RIYAN Productions