A Christmas Poem

Your heart nearly stops, as you walk through the shops,
Avoiding the carts and the rushes,
In search of those presents that are so unique,
Amidst pensioners having hot flushes.

Above, Christmas lights are enough to give frights,
A distinct lack of colour is shown,
People battling around, with noses to the ground,
I`ll settle for a Christmas, home-grown!

Well, I`ve had quite enough,
of this mad shopping stuff,
Quietly gathering gifts from here and there,
So it`s not only turkey,
that can go and get stuffed,
As for me, I just have not a care!

I`ll be working at Christmas,
or so I`ve been told,
My enthusiasm runneth over,
I can`t for a minute envision my joy,
In a truck somewhere round about Dover.

So while you`re enjoying Turkey and mince pies,
I`ll spend Christmas day on my own,
Unless someone decides to lace my coffee,
In which case, I`ll just have to stay home :-)

Let my final words say, have a quiet peaceful day,
May your Christmas be full of good cheer,
And maybe my poems will give you a smile,
As you read them in the coming year!!

RIYAN Productions