Atari Flashback Console

Play twenty Atari® classics on this pre-loaded retro console – plugs straight into your TV for a major nostalgia fest!

Years before the PlayStation or X-Box were even ideas,  one name ruled the world of console games:  Atari®.  If you can remember Max Headroom, ra-ra skirts and Kajagoogoo being number one,  you probably spent many an hour lying on the floor in front of the TV,  glued to games like  Asteroids®Breakout®  and  Centipede®.  Well they're back again,  just like a long lost friend – and this time round,  you won't have your mom nagging you to give her the telly back so she can watch Brideshead Revisited.

The Atari® Flashback™ is a ‘plug and play'  games system with a difference.  Rather than a joystick,  the Flashback™ actually is a retro console unit complete with two joystick pads.  It comes pre-loaded with nineteen classic games,  plus a rediscovered,  previously unreleased title.  All you have to do is plug it into the TV and you're ready to enjoy all these legendary games:

Haunted House™
Crystal Castles®
Yars Revenge™
Desert Falcon™
Charley Chuck's Food Fight™
Canyon Bomber™
Planet Smashers™
Air-Sea Battle™
Sky Diver™

PLUS – the previously unreleased title Saboteur™!

Twelve of the games feature a two-player option,  so get a mate round and you can relive your youth together.  And for those of you who are too young to remember the first time round and want to experience these classics,  the user guide features instructions for each game.  Prepare for a serious case of carpet burn...

Console unit is mains powered and measures 4.5 x 3 x 2in.

Package includes:

Atari® Flashback™ console unit
Two joystick controllers
Power supply
AV cable

Atari® Flashback™ Console

RRP: £29.95

Bargain Price: £14.95

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