Commodore Plug C64

Relive 30 classic Commodore 64 games with no need for a computer – just plug it into the TV!

Ah,  the Commodore 64.  So many memories.  Classic games at pocket money prices,  waiting days for them to load but not caring,  arguing with Spectrum owners about which was best  (and winning)... Happy days.  Well now those days are back,  except you don't need a C64,  and loading – what loading?  All you need is a TV and this simple plug-in joystick.

The C64 is listed in the 2001 Guinness Book of Records as the  ‘most prolific computing device ever manufactured',  with over 30 million sold.  On that basis,  we reckon we're far from alone in feeling a bit of dewy-eyed nostalgia for this much loved machine.  That's why we just had to bring you this multi-game wonder.  Simply plug it into your TV's AV port,  and you're ready to go back to the eighties – without Margaret Thatcher and Kajagoogoo, which has to be a bonus.

The 30-in-1 Joystick features a range of legendary titles,  their names alone guaranteed to bring back happy memories.  Impossible Mission™,  Paradroid™,  Pitstop™,  Jumpman Junior™,  Uridium™ ... all these classics are yours to rediscover.  Some of the games are slightly more obscure, but one of the great joys of the C64 was the sheer range of different games on offer.  Each one of these is the favourite of someone,  somewhere.

21st century games might have graphics and sound to blow your socks off,  but for RSI of the thumb levels of addictiveness,  you can't beat the classics.  The full game hall of fame is listed below,  so put your Duran Duran LP on,  open a can of Tizer and get playing!

Uses 4 x AA batteries

Full list of games:

Impossible Mission™
Impossible Mission 2 ™
Jumpman Junior™
Cyberdyne Warrior™
Cybernoid II™
Pitstop 2™
Gateway to Asphai™
Tower Toppler™
Flying Disk
Summer Games™
Super Cycle™
Silicon Warrior™
Winter Games™
Speedball™ Zynaps™
World Karate Championship A™
World Karate Championship B™
Bull Riding
Sumo Wrestling
Championship Wrestling™
Sword of Fargoal™

Please note:  As the C64 joystick is absolutely brand spanking new,  it hasn't even officially been launched in the UK yet!  But because we like to bring you the most exciting things first,  the Stuff Group have imported a limited number from the USA.  As such,  this model is designed to work with NTSC  (American standard)  televisions - however,  it will work with most UK TVs manufactured in the last five years.

The PAL version,  specifically designed for the UK,  is scheduled for this summer - watch this space and we'll bring you news as soon as we get it!

Commodore Plug C64
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