Get your Favorite Web Pages at Startup


Is there certain websites that you look at every time you turn on your computer?   Did you know it is possible to have them open automatically as soon as you turn on the computer? ... Well you can .. and here is how!

You are going to put a shortcut to the website into the Startup folder on the Start menu.   Take a look at this folder:  click the Start button, point to Programs and then point to Startup.  Whatever is in that menu will open automatically when you turn the computer on. If there is a program that you use every time you turn on the computer, you can put a shortcut for it in this folder;  then it will save you the steps of opening it when you want to use it.

To put a shortcut to your favorite website in the Startup folder, follow these steps:

open Internet Explorer and go to the page you want to go to when your computer starts ( is a good one :).

Point to the little e to the left of the website address in the address bar.   Hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the Start button.  Do not release the mouse button yet,  just hold it over the Start button for a couple of seconds.  The Start menu should open.

Now,  point to the Programs menu.  The Programs menu should open.

Still holding down the mouse button, move your mouse to the Startup folder.  Again, point to it for a second and it should open up.  Move the mouse into the menu that appears when you point to Startup;  release the mouse button.  This will drop the shortcut into it and you are done.  You will see the website listed in that menu.

This tip works better with Internet connections that are always on, such as Optimum Online or DSL.  When Windows starts, you are already online;  Internet Explorer will open with your website displayed.


Ian Fyvie

RIYAN Productions