The Handsome Prince

By Christine May

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous Prince who (because he'd blown out an ugly old witch) had a terrible curse put upon him - he could only speak one word a year. He could however accumulate his words, so if he didn't speak a word one year, he could use two the next and so on.

One day he met a truly beautiful Princess and fell madly in love with her. After two years he knew he would be able to say "My darling" to her, but that just wasn't enough, so he waited three more years to tell her that he really loved her.

At the end of those five years however, he knew he just had to ask her to marry him, so in anguish, he spent another four years without saying a single word to her.

At the end of the nine years the Prince was ecstatic. He took the Princess to the most beautiful part of his garden, presented her with a red rose, took her by the hand and said, "My darling, I love you. Will you marry me?"

Staring at him with her wonderful blue eyes, the princess shook her glowing blonde hair and replied........


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