My Top 5 Doctor Who Websites

by Francis G. Loch

I have always been an avid fan of Doctor Who and in celebration of the start of the new second series I thought that I would share my top 5 favourite websites dedicated to our intrepid Time Lord.

The Official BBC Doctor Who Website

The BBC's official Doctor Who website is unsurprisingly one of the best resources for the latest news, desktop wallpapers, video clips and more features that are too numerous to name. There is just about everything you could expect to find and more besides. For the gamers amongst you there are also a number of online Doctor Who games for you to play.

The game The Last Dalek is based on the episode Dalek from the new series with Christopher Eccleston and is actually a very good game. You are in control of the last of the Daleks and you have to make your way through the underground complex to the surface and escape your captors.

Slitheen Surfer is a very basic game where you play one of the Slitheen creatures surfing their way through space trying not to collide with the asteroids.

SuDocWho, a Doctor Who themed version of the popular Sudoku puzzle game.

Outpost Gallifrey

This is possibly one of the best sites that I have come across for Doctor Who news and information outside of the the official BBC website. For our US cousins it also provides a lot of American specific information.


If, like me, you just love the theme tune for Doctor Who then this site is for you! The WhoMix website currently features over 170 different mp3 remixes and remakes of the theme tune done by various Doctor Who fans. Some of the tunes admittedly do sound a bit amateurish, but the majority are generally of a high standard. Ever fancied a heavy metal version of the Doctor Who signature tune? It's there!

The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive

This is an interesting website which contains scans of cuttings from newspapers, magazines and other printed material relating to Doctor Who going back over 40 years. It is an invaluable resource to anyone interested in researching into the history of Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who Restoration Team Website

This is the website for the team responsible for cleaning up and restoring a lot of the older Doctor Who episodes and remastering them onto video and DVD. The website contains a lot of interesting information on some of the problems that arose during the restoration process, how they were overcome and even includes images of before and after the restoration process.

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