By Ian Urie


I was lucky enough to see Alterbridge when they visited Scotland last year, and I'm only getting around to write about it now.


A quick bit of background.

Alterbridge are a hard rock band comprising of :

Myles Kennedy on vocals

Brian Marshall on bass

Scott Phillips on drums

Mark Tremonti on guitar

Some of the more astute may have recognised some of the names. With the exception of Myles Kennedy, all of the rest played in a band known as Creed.

Since I was a fan of Creed, and I heard about this band, I gave their CD “One Day Remains” a listen. An excellent debut album. All the trademark punch and emotion of Creed with Tremonti letting loose a bit more than he did previously. Kennedy is an expressive singer with excellent phrasing. Marshall and Phillips underpin it all with solid no nonsense drive.

My daughter (a little goth/rocker) discovered she enjoyed their music as well, so, when we heard they were coming to Carling Academy in Glasgow.......well, we just had to, didn't we?

Alterbridge were supported by Logan, who are a Glasgow band , judging by the reaction of the crowd and they started things moving. Their songs were well received and I think we may hear more of them soon. Their music was power laden with some nice harmonies. You can find out more about them, listen to their songs and buy their music at

They announced that they were supporting Alterbridge for the European tour dates as well.

On to the main item.

No big fanfare for the band coming onstage, they simply kicked off the first song. The set comprised the majority of the CD, and had some really brilliant versions done including an acoustic interlude.

Myles Kennedy also turns out to be a mean lead guitarist as well.

My daughter was highly impressed. When Myles also started the “I'll sing a part and you copy it” with the audience, he left them for dead with one note that stretched through his entire range and lasted for over 30 seconds. This guy must have lungs made of metal.

The band did a blistering version of Broken Wings, one of the tracks shown on music television that doesn't just concentrate on gangster rap videos.

Another treat was an excellent version of “Find the Real”. A listen to the end of this track will show what I mentioned earlier about the vocalist's lungs.

Those expecting Creed songs will be disappointed, though. Alterbridge are a completely different band, albeit with much the same members. They do cover versions, but not of Creed songs.

Hopefully, more bands will start to allow fans into concerts with cameras and with the megapixel ration on modern phones increasing, they may be fighting a losing battle to stop them anyway. Most of the pictures I took (with my trusty Finepix 2600Z) had to be severely edited as you can see to remove most of the picture phones and heads of other fans.

If you like nice powerful rock music, I suggest you have a listen to these guys.

Tremonti seems to be enjoying a lot more freedom than he enjoyed in Creed and some of his guitar work shows what an excellent guitarist he really is. Kennedy is no slouch either and it will be interesting if they decide to use twin leads on the next album.

One Day Remains is available in Britain on the Epic label

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