Tux Magazine

Now we know that you enjoy reading The Crypt, but variety is the spice of life.

Some people enjoy Windows as their operating system, in fact, it's the most commonly used operating system.

However, there are alternatives, such as Mac or Linux.

I'm afraid I know next to nothing about Mac, but I use Mandriva (formally Mandrake) on my computer as well as Windows.

If you've read previous issues of the mag, I'm probably repeating myself.

Online, I've found a Linux magazine which is published in PDF format. For those that already have Adobe reader installed, it makes a wonderful read which may help explain why those that use Linux are so passionate about it.

The URL to find the magazine is http://www.tuxmagazine.com/

The magazine is called Tux ,which is the penquin you see commonly referred to in Linux (no, I don't know why).

The URL allows you to easily subscribe to the magazine and download it . It's free, so no worries there.

The magazine is packed with details about various Linux distributions and programs used in Linux as well as helpful tips.

There's a problem page as well as information about the latest gadgetry that supports Linux.

Go on, have a read.

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