Welcome to the CRYPTmag issue 43.  It is quite some time since an issue of the CRYPTmag was released  ( four months to be exact ).  This was partly to do with Baz breaking his wrist, and work changes which left him little time to work on the magazine, and believe me there is some amount of work involved in the production.

So "The Auld Ferret" decided to come out of retirement and lend a hand.  So on to this issue, and a good one it is too.  Loads of tips if you have a Windows machine,  Sorry Amiga fans,  not much this issue but the problem will be redressed.  Learn how to speed up your XP boot times using "Bootvis" .. How about running older software with XP, we tell you how ... Indeed if you are an internet junkie ... how about booting into your favorite web page.

Linux users are also catered for with Ian Urie`s Mandriva Tips.  Lovers of older computers are not exactly left out, you can check out the new "Atari® Flashback™ console" or the "Commodore Plug C64"

For something a little different check out our DVD Film reviews, and in honour of my return, I present you with a load of tasty food recipes, Most containing Whisky. Of course there is also our famous Jokes section, something ot keep you tittering for a couple of days.

My years absence from the CRYPTmag means that I have returned with renewed vigour and enthusiam.  I am aware that the Magazine could do with an overhaul ... and that is exactly what will happen.

There are big changes happening at the CRYPTmag, but you will have to wait two months until our next issue to see them.  However make it a date ... I assure you it will be well worth it.

Ian c Fyvie - Editor

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