Free Music!!!

I'm sure by now that most people either have, or know someone who owns an MP3 player. They come in all flavours, sizes, shapes and configurations. Memory sticks, hard drive based units, you name it, they're incredibly popular. So, how do you go about filling these little beauties? I'm sure that since you're reading this on the net, you've probably also heard about P2P. Maybe, Napster, AudioGalaxy, Kazaa, Limewire, Bitorrent ring a few bells?

Now, of course, there are plenty of lawsuits reminding people that downloading music without paying for it is illegal.

But, since we're nice people here, we thought that we could steer you to a site that would give you 50MP3s!! Legally!!! Free!!!!

The Company is E-Music and their website is of the same name. The link that you want is

This should give you the following page.......

Simply follow the instructions.

Click “start a free trial now” link, and fill out the answers to the questions.

The questions consist of your name, address etc and your credit card details. You will notice that the page is a HTTPS one, showing that it is secure. You also choose a subscription package. Don't worry about the subscription package. If you decide, after using the service, you can cancel within the 14 day period and you won't be charged. You can then browse and download the MP3s you wish and save them to your computer. I was given the link when I bought the Archos player from

I signed up for a subscription, and downloaded 50 MP3s as stated in their offer. I then cancelled the subscription. I'm seriously thinking of re-joining ,however. Their prices are very cheap and I found the music quality (i.e. The bitrate of the songs) was excellent. The website is well laid out and you can save searches, and lists on the site. I actually downloaded more than 50 songs as they also have a section with free music on it from bands that they are promoting. Some of these were so good, I actually used some of the 50 song allowance to get the rest of their material. The band was the Virgin Millionaires and I recommend you give them a listen :)

Speed on the site is good, downloading was a breeze and they show a counter to show how many downloads you have left, in case you are worrying about downloading more than the free amount.

Cancelling is also easy, at the Crypt we wouldn't show you something that would leave you out of pocket.

Of course, if you don't have a credit card, this isn't much use to you......

If you do, give them a whirl, you may find it very worthwhile.

By Ian Urie

RIYAN Productions