Google Maps

For all those that have heard of  (or downloaded)  Google Earth and been disappointed by failure to meet the requirements, read on.

Google Earth is a wonderful program which allows you to view satellite photographs of any area of the World. It allows you to rotate the image , zoom in, use 3D imaging and much more. however, one slight snag is that it requires a P.C. running at least Windows 2000, prefereably Windows XP. It has other requirements like 400mb of hard drive space, 16mb 3D graphics etc.

So, unless you can match what it needs, you won't be able to run Google Earth. However, all is not lost.  Google also has Google Maps.  It doesn't have all the features that are in google Earth, but its still a very nice tool, and it doesn't require DirectX or Windows XP.

Simply go to the URL shown in the grab to start.

Maps allows you to use either the map,  satellite or hybrid.  I personally prefer hybrid,  giving you the best of all worlds.

The images shown do depend on how well the area has been mapped  e.g.  Edinburgh is particularly bad,  but glasgow is super.  Go figure.  Here are some of the grabs of Maps in action.

Let's start with London Heathrow Terminals.

This is shown in hybrid format.  Let's zoom in now.

Now, that looks a lot nearer, don't you think?

How about Glasgow.........

As I said, it all depends on how well the area has been photographed.

Anyway, it's yet another way of having a look at different places, and, don't despair,  rumour has it that Google are beavering away on improvements to Google Earth with many of the restrictions removed and different operating systems being supported.

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