Mandriva Tips

By Ian Urie

Folk have asked that since I use Linux, how did I manage to get the system up and running at first.

Easy answer, I looked on the Internet, I mean, where else would you look?

Obviously, Mandriva (as it's known as now) is the first port of call.

Simply click on the following pictures to get taken there.


Mandriva provides links to the mailing lists, information on how to use the system, how to subscribe to their Club .In fact, most things really.

The update in Mandriva is by a system known as URPMI.

Now, how to set it up?

Easy instructions provided. If you can't use this, I'd forget about using a computer, never mind Mandriva.

Of course, there's loads of other sites to help you.

Del Boy's Web corner is nice.

This site is absolutely packed with tips and howtos for Mandriva. Basics, setting up net connections, an absolute gem of a page.

Once you master the basics, I'll assume you'd want to give back to the community. Why not help the fight against cancer?

Windows downloads, Mac and Linux versions available and it uses spare processor time, so you won't even notice it running in the background.

You'll also want to keep your computer safe. rootkits are getting harder to find all the time, this little program will help you.


Simply download the third party RPM for Mandriva.

And then there's the folk that say they couldn't live without Windows because they play games on it. how would they mange that under Linux?

I'd suggest a look here and discover that , as per usual, someone has already thought of that.


There, that should keep you lot going just now.

RIYAN Productions