Printing Specific Pages

Have you ever wanted to print just PART of a document instead of the whole thing?  Well,  you can do just that and save some ink.

Instead of just clicking on the printer icon at the top of your screen,  click on File instead,  then Print.  A dialog box should open up.  You should see a "Page Range" section on the left side of the box.  In it you have three choices:  All,  Current Page,  or  Pages:

Click in the circle next to where it says Current to print just the page you have on your screen.  Click OK and your single page should print.

But let's say you want to print a couple of specific pages.  Let's say,  for instance,  you want to print pages 3 through 5,  page 8  and page 11.  Well, click in the circle next to where it says Pages in the dialog box.  To print several pages in a row,  type the first and last page numbers in the white field next to Pages,  and separate the two numbers with a hyphen:  "3-5"  for instance.  To print several pages that aren't in sequence, separate the numbers with a comma  (and a space).  So our sample would look like "3-5, 8, 11".  Hit OK,  and hopefully only the pages you want will come out of your printer!

Ian C Fyvie

RIYAN Productions