Building Your Own Computer

The world of computers is constantly changing.  It is one of the only industries that is different from month to month.  If you're in the market for a new PC,  there are continually new options available.  To get the best bang for your buck in computer technology,  you may want to consider building your own PC.

Those with a little know how in the computer industry can save themselves tons of money by building their own computers.  Companies such as Tiger Direct and offer components that can create a top of the line system for a fraction of the cost.  These stores offer all of the necessary components that reside in the  "case"  or main unit of the computer.

These include the motherboard,  processor,  cooling fans,  hard drive,  memory,  keyboard,  mouse,  video and sound cards.  There are motherboards available with integrated video and sound but not all do.

When you are buying a motherboard,  make sure to check whether you will need to buy a separate video and sound card.  Also make sure that the motherboard you are buying has extra slots so you can expand your system.

Another key to remember when building your own computer is to make sure all of your components will work together.  Manufacturers make specific models to work together,  so you may want to buy your parts from just one brand.

If you are going to use your computer to surf the Internet and play computer games you are going to need extra pieces.  At minimum you will need an Ethernet card,  CD/DVD drives and a graphics card.  You can also benefit from gaming ports for joysticks or other game controllers.

The hardest part about building your own PC is installing the motherboard and the Operating System.  This is the first step toward creating the unit.  You must physically put the components into the case using screws.  Begin with the motherboard and then connect your processor.  Add the memory into the memory slots and install any necessary drives.

Once you've installed the drives,  you can put in the install CDs for your operating system.  Most PCs will guide you through the set up process to install the operating system.  After making sure the operating system is up and running,  put in your other devices one at a time.

Although it may be quicker to install all of your additional hardware at once,  you want to test each piece as you go to make sure that piece is in good working order.

Even though building your own PC can give you a better computer for less money,  the process is not for everyone.  As a compromise,  computer companies like Dell and Gateway allow their customers to custom build PCs on their website.

A customer can choose from different options regarding speed,  memory and special portals.  The additional benefit of buying from a company is that the PC is normally under a guarantee.  You can also take advantage of technical support.  This may be the best option for someone who has extra money to spend to get the custom components that they want.

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