Cleaning Tip for Parents

by Francis G. Loch

I have been a father now for just over three years and it never ceases to amaze me how much untidiness and destruction can be created by something as small as my three year old daughter.  Sure the fact that her mother can't go out shopping without bringing back some sort of toy for her doesnít help matters,  but thatís another story!

One of the challenges my partner and I have had to face over the recent months is my daughterís fascination with doing graffiti all over the walls and furniture with all manner of things such as penspencilscrayons  and  yoghurt(!).  There is a television advert for a well-known washing powder that claims  ďitís not mess,  itís art!Ē,  but I think if I had the choice I would rather be sitting in my living room with something like a Monet nicely mounted in a proper picture frame hanging on the wall rather than my daughterís apparently random scribbles etched into them.

The best way to clean up the marks from the walls and furniture that we have found is to use baby wipes and gently wipe the area afflicted until all of the marks have been removed.  For the more stubborn marks try spraying some furniture polish and leaving it for a few minutes before wiping with the baby wipes.  Itís amazing how easily the marks will come off the wall and sometimes to the disappointment of my daughter!

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