Prawn and Crab salad

By Baz.

For this unusual dish which serves two, you will need the following;-


200 grms Peeled Prawns
170 grms White Crab meat
1x tblspn. Seafood Sauce
1-2 teaspn. Hot Chilli Sauce
4x handfulls Mixed lettuce leaves(or mixed salad)
4x Rounds of lightly done toast cut to suit.


Take a large dish, add the Prawns, Crab, Hot Chilli Sauce, and Seafood Sauce. Mix thoroughly to coat all the fish.

While you are doing this, lightly toast the bread, and cut to the preferred shape. Arrange this around the rim of the plates.

Add to the plates two handfulls of lettuce / mixed salad, then add the seafood mix on top. Absolutely delicious, and extremely easy and quick to prepare!

RIYAN Productions