How to print part of a page!

Most Windows programs allow you to print part of a document instead of the whole thing.  To print part of a page,   highlight the part you want to print by moving the mouse pointer to the beginning of the section,  holding down the left mouse button,  and moving the mouse to the end of the selection.   Make sure it is highlighted - the text will be white on a dark background.

Click on File to open the menu,   click on Print,  and then choose Selection in the Page Range area of the dialog box.   Click the OK or Print button.

In some programs,  the Selection choice may not be in the first Print dialog box.   In that case,  look for a button that says Options.   Click on it;  you should find the Page Range area in the resulting dialog box.   Click the OK or Print button.

Only the part of the document that you highlighted will print.

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