Sensible Soccer 2006

Available for :  PS2,  Xbox,  PC,  29.99,  Kuju/Codemasters

Nostalgia?  Relief?  bring back memories?  It's a mixture of all of these that make Sensible Soccer 2006 adictive.   For sheer leap off the sofa yank the pad from the console excitement Sensi scores well.  The developers Kuju have nailed the essence of what made the original Sensible Soccer such a blast - fast paced action,  aftertouch,  imaginative use of the sliding tackle - while adding enough features to tempt those who missed out in the 90s.

Sensi was originally created in the pre/early Premiership era and in some way the action reflects this.  Long balls,  heavy tackles and dodgy keepers are all to the fore and to be honest, nostalgia does play a big part here.  From the music to the thudding sound effects,  Sensi 2006 does take you right back to the Amiga/Megadrive era.  But,  and this is crucial,  unlike other retro remakes the action remains enjoyable even when the nostalgic glow has worn off.  This is mainly due to the strength of the original game,  but also the subtle yet welcome additions such as sprinting and replays.

Download a demo here: Sensi

Relive the Dream!

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