PCMCIA to Compact Flash Adapter + EasyADF

PCMCIA to Compact Flash adapter for Amiga 1200 and A600.

Plugs into the PCMCIA port on the side of your Amiga and allows CF cards to be read and written to.

With this adapter your Amiga can read CF digital Camera Cards.  Can also be a great way of transferring large amounts data from a PC/laptop to your Amiga!

Supplied with Amiga software on floppy disk and instructions.  Amiga software includes EasyADF - a quick and easy tool to make or uncompress ADF images and uncompress LHA archives.  EasyADF is ideal for creating ADF images for use with Amiga Forever.

You do not necessarily need a hard disk to use this adapter- the floppy disk supplied is a stand-alone boot disk as well as being a hard disk installation disk.

Available from Amigakit


RIYAN Productions