A Swiss Knife?

We all know what it's like when your computer crashes on you, and leaves you pondering when you did your last backup. We all keep up to date backups , don't we?

Yeah,the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
Well, if you wondered what to do when this happens, remember that with a little foresight you might avoid a lot of pain.
The Internet may come to your rescue.

I've written about a lot of live CDs available on the Net.
I've even written about the ultimate Boot Disk .
Now, they've made it even better.
The Ultimate Boot CD!!


Click on the picture to go there.

There are two versions to download. First is the "basic" version, second is the full version.

I would suspect that most users would need only the basic version.
The difference between the two is that the full version contains the INSERT environment based on Knoppix .
This gives access to a range of linux based tools as well as all the others.
The size varies depending on what you decide to download.
If you decide you want the full version as a zip file, that would be 158mb or 204mb as an iso file.
The basic version is 94mb for the zip and 140mb for the iso.
In these days of multi megabit broadband, it isn't that large a file.
The site also has a range of options on how to download them.
You can use a torrent file, FTP or Edonkey file.
Each tool can be used after booting the Cd from a simple menu.
 The tool is run from a virtual floppy in ram.

This disk will allow you to alter your windows password, partition your hard drive, find errors on the drive, clone your drive, check your motherboard, virus check your drive and many more.
It is simply a Godsend when trouble strikes.
The site itself has tutorials in case you don't know how to burn the iso file or make the actual Cd from the zip file.
There are even forums to discuss what else to fit onto the CD.
If you're worried what to do when your computer gives you trouble, download this and get familiar with it.
You never know when you might need it!

RIYAN Productions