An Amiga Project

Yep,  It's That Man Again!!!...

A Few Questions:-

1)  Do you own an AMIGA?.
2)  Is it complete and works OK?.
3)  Is it boxed up and doing nothing?.
4)  Would you like it to become a VERY useful,  (24/7),  working tool?.
5)  Has it got Workbench 2.0x minimum?.
6)  Have you got a spare unused TV set as a monitor?.
7)  Are you prepared to make a simple project for it?
8)  Are you prepared to spend about 5-10 UKP on this project?.
9)  Are you over 10 Years old?.
10)  If 'NO' to Number 1),  are you prepared to buy a second hand unit?.

Well if you are interested in this useful project then here it is in a nutshell...
It is an 8 channel detector to give WARNINGS of anything attached to any channel.  The trigger for EACH channel is just a pair of closing contacts to tell the computer that some sort of catastrophe has occured, for example:-

1)  Intruder detectors.
2)  Water level sensors.
3)  Temperature sensors.
4)  Fire detectors.
5)  Gas sensors.

The list is ~endless~.

This project is SO easy it is designed with a 10 Year old in mind.  The default software is written in ARexx and is a basic version only.

There will be a bwBASIC version also for people who use that, bwBASIC Version 1.11 can be obtained from AMINET.

Also a Python version dedicated to this magazine for stock A1200HD owners and Python Version 1.4,  which can be obtained from AMINET.

It uses the ~Say~ command in the SYS:Utilities drawer and is SO obnoxious when triggered you just have to investigate what triggered it to shut the thing up again... :)

The project will be spread over several magazine issues and to start with here are the ABSOULTE MINIMUM requirements.

1)  ANY Classic AMIGA with 1MB memory,  (e.g. a stock A600HD).
2)  Workbench 2.0x.
3)  The MOUSE is NOT required.
4)  A B&W TV set, PAL or NTSC.
5)  A second floppy disk drive,  (a HDD is optional).
6)  RexxMast running AND RX in the path.
7)  PAR_READ.lha from AMINET.

Still interested?, then read on...

An 8 Channel Event Detector For The A500+ And Greater AMIGAs

I just love playing with simple hardware projects connected to computers and writing software to suit.  I have done MANY projects for the AMIGA as well as other platforms and design them with ages 10 to 15 Years in mind.  This is to give youngsters the chance to gain experience with simple electronic construction techniques.  The whole project is centred around the Parallel Port running in PAR:  as a VOLUME mode.  Absolutely NO knowledge of this port is required AT ALL to write ARexx code for it BUT some external hardware IS required for this method to work.

Download PAR_READ.lha for FULL information about this external hardware.

This project CAN be built by a youngster interested in electronics as well as the hobbyist.

The first part of this project will be the building of the hardware.

No batteries nor ACTIVE semiconductors are required at all,  only small signal diodes,  resistors,  wire,  copper stripboard and some other minor items.

Of course simple tools ARE required along with a soldering iron AND solder.  Note that leaded solder is illegal to use soon so non-leaded solder will have to be used.  This requires a higher temperature to melt so be VERY careful.

Enjoy and now go to the Construction_Part_1 text file for the first part.

Bazza...  (G0LCU)

RIYAN Productions