The Ferret Speaks!

Welcome to the latest issue of the CRYPTmag.  Seems like yesterday that Ray and I decided to breathe life back into the old girl, and brought out issue 13.  Here we are 32 issues later and still going strong.

So what can you find in this latest issue?   Well, if you have moved on to the PC Platform, and still have an old Amiga 1200 lying cluttering up your cupboard, Our very own Barry Walker gives you an option to turn it into a very useful tool for the home.

Barry’s no nonsense articles provides easy to follow instructions, to turn your old Amiga into a powerful tool, and at very little cost.  Barry’s article's will run over several issues of the magazine, so check out articles 1 & 2 with the rest to follow.

This issue is aimed at the car buff`s amongst us, with a report on the Scottish Classic Speed Fair, and articles by Chris Skelhorn on Albion Motors and Big Fords.

Also in our pages are the Popular Computer sections with stories and tips on WindowsXP, Linux, Amiga and Mac.  Well worth a look is our music/DVD reviews along with our normal selection of Jokes for all to enjoy.

Since the introduction of our new style web page, our viewing figures have rocketed.  However I would remind all, that becoming a registered member allows you to select your own theme or style of page.  Amiga users certainly benefit from this.  It is free and nothing more is asked of you, but of course you can join our forums should you so wish.

As always we are looking to improve the publication, and in the next issue (46) we hope to give you two more pages "Woman Only" and "Holiday Hints".

As always should you like to see any subject covered within these pages, please feel free to contact us via the web page.

Ian C Fyvie  Editor