Hired Guns

I remember venturing into Game once and pulling this box off the shelf and near dropped it due to its weight.  My goodness,  there is a lot in this game,  I thought.  And I was right for Hired Guns not only was heavy in weight it was definitely heavy in content.

Made by Psygnosis in 1993 for the Amiga this game boasted being   "The ultimate multi-player RPG... Set in a world of cruel mutant creatures and high tech weaponry"

Hired Guns was no Doom,  but you could see that with computer advances the next thing from Hired Guns had to be this form of game.  A really strange experience with four screens open at any one time showing all the members of your troup... You knew you were in trouble when a particular screen had the nasty bloody slash marks.

Unlike the CD games of today,  the game makers knew how to fill the box.  They loved to set the scene,  and give you background info to make the game interesting.  Much like DreamWeb and Diary of a Madman.

So here we have booklets,  Countdown to Graveyard,  The Luyten System,  Hired Guns the manual,  and Amiga Instructions.  You also get the silly codes sheet for copy protection.  This was a five disker and a great play.  One that kept me up loads of nights.  I would also spend hours on the phone to friends,  discussing how far they had got.


Two star systems,  one bloody war. ... Good old Rorian Deevergh.


RIYAN Productions