A Trip Down Memory Lane.

While cleaning old letters and bills out of my drawers  ( the drawers in my cabinets I mean )  I came across these two photos of my father-in-laws buses from the 1920s plus his phone card.

He was one of the first 100 people to have a phone during those days.

The buses were long gone when I met my hubby but he did say that his father owned a bus that had a piano in it.  No picture of this I am afraid but I do know it was made by Willowbrook Coach Builders.

I have recently come across a story about this bus and what pleasure the sing song gave the folks going to and from Skegness or Blackpool for the day.

One thing that amazes me is how the heck did the vehicles manage to go about 100 miles without folks having to get out and push them.  Just look at the narrow wheels on them AND they had no windscreen wipers.  If it rained the driver had a push out window,  as you can see from the photos.  so that he could see his way along..Talk about death on wheels.

The driver always had a mate with him so that if it came down foggy the mate would walk in front of the coach waving a red lamp about so that the driver knew he was still on the road.  Talk about living dangerously.

Maisie Walker

RIYAN Productions