Google Earth

for Linux !!!

Yeah, you read it correctly. Google has finally released a version of Earth for my favourite  OS.
I'll show how to get and install this, since we showed off Google Earth last issue.

Simply surf along to the Google Earth page

google earth page

click on the Get Google Earth and you'll get presented with this

download page

Click the Beta (version 4) option and choose linux,this will download the file shown below.

download file

Simply save the file.

Once its downloaded, you might as well install it.
I used the old tried and trusted way here by using a shell.

I went into root, executed the file and it installed after veryifying the archive . Simply accept the terms.


Now, I've made a quickstart icon on my panel menu, but you can also simply start Earth from a console, or an icon on your desktop.
It's up to you in this respect.



Just to give a clue what you are looking for on the panel menu grab.

Anyway, now that it is installed, let's see it in action.


Here it is in its glory.

earth in action

This version is very similar to the windows version (surprise).
All the usual tools are here, zoom, angle etc.

dam rack

Above is Dam Rak square in Amsterdam.
So, that will leave one less reason for not using Linux, I take it?

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