One of the things promised with the new windows vista system is widgets.
Desktop widgets are  usually little utilities like clocks, RSS readers etc.
Windows users must be looking forward to this so it may come as a surprise to learn that Linux has had these for quite some time. I recently tried out superKaramba which is a program to give you these widgets on your  desktop. My desktop looks something like this at present.......


I have 3 widgets running. One liquid weather and two Aero- all in one widgets, both configured differently.
SuperKaramba  is the little blue earth like icon in  the right hand side of my menu bar.


clicking on the icon will allow me to install new themes (what SuperKaramba loads) or to add to my desktop.


simply click on any of the themes and add them to desktop or click new stuff.


Simple, isn't it?
I tend to prefer transparent widgets, but you get all different types.


This is how the Rss reader mentioned in new stuff looks when running.
Of course, you can add rss feeds to your heart's content with this or delete the ones you don't want.

Linux appears to be getting more and more so called eye candy.
I find that I'd find my desktop too cluttered if I used all them , so I keep it simple with partition information and the local weather. i also like to see what the cpu is up to, and how much memory I have free.


however, here's another grab with yet another monitor running and another rss reader.
SuperKaramba has hundreds of themes, or you can even write your own if you can't find anything you particularly like.
A deceptively simple little piece of software that brightens up your desktop. Try it out.
Show it off to your windows neighbour .


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