Do not ignore the Windows Key

The Windows Logo key,   will perform many different tasks for you when used alone or in combination with other keys.  Below is a list of some of the things it will do;   these are called keyboard shortcuts.

Pressing and holding the Windows Logo key  (which we’ll abbreviate to W)  while typing,  for example,  the letter E is shown below as W+E.

W        Opens the Start menu
W+A   Opens Accessibility Options if installed
W+C   Opens the Control Panel
W+E   Opens Windows Explorer
W+F   Finds a file or folder
W+Ctrl F  Finds a computer on a network
W+I   Opens the mouse properties
W+K   Opens the keyboard properties
W+L   Logs on and off Windows
W+M   Minimizes all windows
W+Shift M  Undoes the minimize all action
W+P   Opens the Print Manager
W+R   Displays the Run dialog box
W+S   Enables or disables the Caps Lock key
W+V   Views the clipboard
W+F1  Displays Windows help
W+Break   Displays the system properties
W+Tab  Activates open programs in order

Using these shortcuts helps speed up your use to the computer, so give them a try.

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