By Steve Evans

I expect you, like me, run WinUAE on your PC to varying degrees of success.

Usually, you either go for the traditional look -

(Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture)

Or try to emulate your much loved A4000/A1200 Directory Opus look -

But now thanks to AmiKit there is a much easier and effective way to use WinUAE.

How would you like your desktop to look like this in less than 5 minutes?


With over 300 of the best Amiga Free/Shareware programs -

All these plus my favourite Amiga program of all time Directory Opus Magellan II v5.82 (trial version).

This program has never been freely released to the general public before,

all I had to do was put in my registration details to get this -

Plus the Live Update to keep your installation current -

If all this isn't enough to tempt you to try AmiKit, then checkout

a few features taken from the AmiKit website -

AmiStart (v0.66c) Darius Brewka has created a special version for AmiKit
GlobalTrash (v1.5a1) Oliver Blumert has created an exclusive AmiKit preview version
ReqChange (v3.15) Magnus Holmgren has created a free keyfile for AmiKit
ShowAmiga96 (v2.3d) Heiko Mueller has created a special version for AmiKit
FullPalette (v40.23) Massimo Tantignone has sent me his updated version
Live Update this tool ensures your AmiKit is always up to date. Created by Daniel Westerberg.
KensIcons complete set of icons, some painted exclusively for AmiKit by Ken Lester!
KensOS4 two visual themes exclusively created for AmiKit by Ken Lester!
microgolded the best text Amiga editor around has been licensed for AmiKit!
MorpheuZ allows you to easily change the design of system windows. Nine themes are included!
Install Patches automatically installs the largest collection of patches for AmigaOS3.9
AmiKit Launcher - easy to use graphical user interface created by Rex Schilasky!


So how easy is it to install this on your PC? Very easy! click here

Pop along to and download the latest version,

currently 1.2.0, and why not make a donation while your there?

Then follow the install instructions. When you've installed AmiKit,

click on the desktop icon, or run it from the quick launch toolbar -

It`s that easy!

RIYAN Productions