The Ferret Speaks!

The Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel,  the cover article of this issue of the CRYPTmag was a delight to write.  It is not often I get the opportunity to visit the places I write about and study them in great detail.  I visited the Chapel twice in order to get photographs and various information required to write the article.  However this was actually my third visit, as I did view the Chapel some 12 years ago.

12 years ago the Chapel looked very different, certainly it did not have the hideous metal roof covering it, but nor had much restoration been done.  It was a very quiet place them, and if I remember correctly we were the only people there at that time.

My last two visits, sadly were completely the opposite, you could barely get close to many of the features, because of the crush of visitors, mostly overseas people.  I found it rather sad that quite a few children were present, but little parental control was obvious.  Children running around, Climbing over gravestones, and indulging in games of hide and seek both inside the Chapel and outside in the grounds, really should not be acceptable.

Undoubtedly Dan Brown's book "The Da Vinci Code" has brought many visitors and financial security to the Chapel, but at what cost?

Rosslyn Chapel does need restoration, and I applaud the Trust for their good work so far.  This building is of Historical interest to the UK, and I just wish that money could be raised some other way to fund the work needed.

The Chapel is not terribly far from the Village of Roslin, does it really need it's own Teashop or Souvenir shop? Certainly this IS a way of getting money for the restoration, but demeaning the Chapel and what it is intended for.  Worship!

Also in this issue of the CRYPTmag we have an article about the excellent AmiKit .. A great Amiga Emulation Program for running on your PC.  If you can't bring back FUN Computing,  you can emulate it .. Brilliant.

Steve our web Paster takes you on a day out in London, to see the magical "London eye".  Keep your eyes closed if your scared of heights.

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Ian C Fyvie  Editor